Not Now, Natalie.

Perhaps the world's second worst crime is boredom. The first is being a bore.

I suppose the German side wants to keep everything in control, and the Irish side wants to wreak havoc.

I’m just going to put this riiiggghhhhhhtttttt over here.

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Azealia Banks

—Van Vogue

Gonna sip that sip, and hit that dip

Damn little bam, you a real bad bitch

When I twist that hip, and lick that lip


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i think it’s important that myself and other white ppl remember that we can not even begin to truly understand the pain and trauma of what is happening in ferguson, nor can we grasp the anger and sadness black communities experience due to this situation. all we can do is stand in solidarity, listen, and not derail or take the focus away from the true face of racism and white supremacy.

I don’t think that’s all we can do. We can do more. We can donate to bail and legal funds, we can find ways to donate to the families of those injured and those that have lost. We can get ANGRY and attempt to derail this disgusting and horrifying military police through protesting and demanding that media coverage and journalists are ALLOWED TO COVER THIS STORY without being arrested AND attempt to boost it through the most popular media outlets. We can consistently try to to raise awareness of the gravity of this war on our fellow human beings. We can try to give what people need, if we can. Find ways.

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